Vintage Dan Electro

Danelectro Bellzouki, Hawaiian Lapsteel, and The Electric Sitar

The Worlds First Electric Sitar

Unlike the complex Indian Sitar, the Coral Electric Sitar played chords as well as melody. One of the many unique features of Coral and Danelectro Sitars was the “Sitarmatic” bridge. The unique design permitted adjusments to the string action and open string length, without affecting the characteristic “twang” of the sitar sound. The instrument came with three pick-ups, 13 drone strings, and 6 play strings.


These twelve string instruments called “Bellzoukis” were developed by Danelectro from original concepts of Vincent Bell. They evoked the mysterious charm of remote times and places, yet were played easily using familiar guitar playing techniques. The Bellzouki was primarily used in Rock, Folk Rock, and Jazz.

Hawaiian Lapsteel

The S-61 Hawaiian Lap-steel Guitar came with a natural wood finish brought out through meticulous sanding and five coats of sealer and laquer. It had an easy to read fingerboard with 36 frets. The Lap-steel sold originally for $49.50.