Vintage Dan Electro

Danelectro U1

A Three Position Switch Provided 3 instant Tone Changes. No other single pickup guitar on the market at the time had this feature. When released, the U1 came in six varying colors: Black Lacquer, Bronze Lacquer, Coral Lacquer, Aqua Lacquer, Jade Green Lacquer, and Ivory Leatherette. Each Instrument was originally sold for $75 retail.

Danelectro U2

Originally sold for $100 retail, the U2 consisted of two pickups each with its own set of controls for volume and tone, giving it an amazing variation of tonal possibilities. A three position switch permitted instant selection of forward, rear, and middle; which allowed for both the neck and the bridge pickups to be activated at the same time.

Danelectro U3

Designed for professionals, the U3 featured three pickups each performing a special function. The rear pickup produced extreme brilliance with a large proportion of high order overtones. The middle pickup gave a full rich well balanced tone, while the front pickup produced a smooth mellow sound with great depth. The U3 came in two distint finishes:
Black and Chrome or Bronze and White Sunburst.

Dane, Hawk, and Slimline Models

Danelectro Slimline

The Slimline by Danelectro came with a 21 fret slim neck featuring Danelectro's positive action adjustment. The comfort styled semi-solid Durabody came standard with all major adjustment features, allowing for smooth action and easy playability.

Danelectro Dane

The Dane line of guitars by Danelectro came avaiable with many features. Some of which included:

  • Simple string action adjustment at neck
  • A Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Precision machine set frets
  • All way adjustable bridge

Danelectro Convertible, Shorthorn, Deluxe, Standard and Companion Models

Deluxe Models

The Deluxe model was advertised as having “Enduring beauty added to famous Danelectro quality”. The Deluxe came in three distinct finishes: White with brown edging, dark walnut with white inlaid edging, or honey walnut with white inliad edging. Baked body finish, lacquered neck finish. This guitar was avaiable as a double or triple pick-up model.

Standard Model

These instruments embodied the basic design principles developed by Danelectro over 65 years ago. The single pick-up Model has a choice of two lacquer finishes: Black or Bronze. The Double Pick-Up model had its own set of controls for Volume and tone. Scientific placement of the pick-ups gave more brilliant highs and smoother lows. The single pick up model sold originally for $75 retail and the double pick up model sold for $100 retail.

Convertible Model

The Convertible model came optinally as an electric or acoustic guitar. The special pick up kit could be purchased for an additional $20 to convert the guitar into an electric. Installation was Simple. The predrilled holes had decorative inserts. The guitar without the pick-up used a standard Danelectro neck with a fully adjustable bridge. The Convertible retailed for $45 without the pick-up kit. For an additional $20 the guitar would come as an electric and included a 10 foot cord.

Hand Vibrato Model

Danelectro's ingeniously simple design worked smoothly, positively, and accurately. The Vibrato arm bolts to either side of the bridge and is operational on the left or right, across the strings, or behind the bridge. Gleaming black lacquer finished with white Pick-guard and trim. The single pick up model was sold for $95 retail and the double pick up model was originally sold for $120 retail. An optional custom hard case was available at the time of purchase for an additional $30.

Silvertone Guitars and Basses

Silvertone was the brand name used by Sears, Roebuck and Company for its line of sound equipment from 1915 to 1972. One of the more well-known Silvertone models is the Danelectro Silvertone 1448, made in the early to mid 1960s. The guitar's case had a small built-in amplifier and the guitar itself had a very short-scale 18-fret neck. Countless Professional Musicians had a Silvertone for their first electric, bass, or acoustic guitar.

Coral: By Vincent Bell and Danelectro

Judged by his musical peers as one of America’s greatest popular guitarists, Vinnie Bell went one step further. He also was a master guitar crafstman and innovator of advanced guitar design. The Coral line of electric guitars by Danelectro are Vincent Bell Signature Designs.
Some Features of the Coral Electric Guitar include:

  • Genuine Brazilian Rosewood head and fretboard.
  • Exclusive Slim, never-warp neck reinforced by dual steal beams... never needs adjusment.
  • Simple string action adjustment at neck socket for easy selective action.
  • All metal enclosed machine heads.
  • Fully adjustable bridge

Double-Neck and Longhorn Models

Danelectro Double-Neck Guitar

The Danelectro Double-Neck Guitar and Bass had a compact thin body design, the overall size is 17.5” x 39.5” and was smaller than most concert model guitars at the time. The Double-Neck came in a white bronze-burst finish and was originally sold for $175.

Danelectro Longhorn Guitarlin

The Danelectro Guitarlin is a guitar with the fingerboard extended deep into the body. It came with 31 frets and combined the tonal ranges of both the guitar and mandolin. It was Tuned and played as a guitar with regular guitar strings. The Guitarlin provided a guitar tone in lower registers and smoothly transitioned to the tone of a mandolin in the upper registers. The Guitarlin had a Bronze Sunburst finish and originally sold for $150.

Danelectro Longhorn Bass

The Danelectro Longhorn Bass was a result of continual refinements by Danelectro and proved to be a superb instrument, and was used in countless recordings, TV programs and motion pictures of the time. The Longhorn bass came available in two models, a four string or six string, and had a bronze and white sunburst finish. Sold originally $150, with an optional hardshell case avaiable for an additional $30.